Big Data and Migration, Part 1

Emmanuel Letouzé Feb 09 2016 Blog

This is the first in a series of blog posts on our ongoing work exploring the applications and implications of Big Data and migration. People have always been on the move—whether to seek refuge from war and persecution, find jobs and create businesses, flee in the aftermath of natural disasters, or get a degree somewhere else. From country to city, … Read More

LWL #3

Feb 04 2016 Blog

#Linkswelike Check out our weekly compilation of the links we like and want to share with you on Privacy Shield, migration, digital ethics, and more

LWL #2

Jan 05 2016 Blog

LINKS WE LIKE #2 Here’s a quick weekly compilation of a few links we like and want to share with you: Could consumers sell access to their own encrypted data? It looks that way. “MIT’s New Blockchain Project Enigma Wants to Let You Share Your Data on Your Own Terms,” by Steven Melendez for FastCompany. Our Academic Director, Alex “Sandy” Pentland is … Read More

LWL #1

Dec 22 2015 Blog

LINKS WE LIKE #1 Here’s a quick compilation of a few links we like and want to share with you: Compelling article by Charles Kenny of The Atlantic: “2015: The Best Year in History for the Average Human Being”. Violence dominated the headlines this year. But by many measures, humanity is in better shape than it’s ever been.  Jeffrey Sachs writes … Read More

Celebrating the Outcomes of the Cartagena Data Festival

Jun 09 2015 Blog

With over 400 registered participants, 3 days filled with events and presentations and countless stimulating conversations, the Cartagena Data Festival was an extraordinary experience and in our opinion, a great success. The festival was livestreamed for people following from home, and interacted with the Twitter community’s questions and comments. Simultaneous translation was available for non-English speaking attendees.

“A new and sometimes awkward relationship” on Big Data and Human Rights should be Further Explored

Emmanuel Letouzé, Patrick Vinck Jan 29 2015 Blog

The AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Sciences) Science and Human Rights Coalition organized a 2-day conference on ‘Big Data and Human Rights’ on January 15 and 16 in Washington DC, where Data-Pop Alliance’s co-founders Emmanuel Letouzé and Patrick Vinck (who also serves on AAAS’ Committee on Scientific Freedom and Responsibility) presented their perspectives on this critical yet still … Read More

A few Big Data Bites

Emmanuel Letouzé Sep 20 2014 Blog

  Big data: early years and foundational pieces An early mention of the upcoming “Industrial Revolution of data” can be found in a blog by Joe Hellerstein, a computer scientist at the University of California, Berkeley. It was published in November 2008, a few months after Wired had claimed that ‘data deluge’ would signify “the end of theory” and make the … Read More

Key Facts & Figures on Big Data and Call Detail Records

Emmanuel Letouzé Sep 15 2014 Blog

What is big data, and could it transform development policy? Emmanuel Letouzé takes a close look at this emerging field. In just a few years ‘big data’ have affected industries and activities from marketing and advertising to intelligence gathering and law enforcement, stirring much excitement and scepticism. With policymaking increasingly looking like big data’s next frontier, is this phenomenon — … Read More

Data “Inflation” Table

Emmanuel Letouzé Sep 05 2014 Blog

Unit Size What it means Bit (b) 1 or 0 Short for “binary digit”, after the binary code (1 or 0) computers use to store and process data—including text, numbers, images, videos, etc. Byte (B) 8 bits Enough information to create a number or an English letter in computer code. It is the basic unit of computing. Kilobyte (KB) 1,000, … Read More