Colombia's Big Data Strategy

About the Project

MIT and Data-Pop Alliance are providing technical assistance to the Department of National Planning (DNP) of Colombia and Innpulsa, to support the design, development and implementation of Colombia’s first ever national Big Data strategy to be presented to the President of Colombia in 2019.

A Closer Look

The project will include a series of six documents, two pilot projects in Colombia, and a targeted capacity building workshop. Four of these documents are currently available to view:

Documento 1
Estado del arte y análisis comparativo de estrategias nacionales de Big Data

Document 1: State of affairs and comparative analysis of national Big Data Strategies

This study provides an analysis of the main characteristics of the existing government strategies related to Big Data, while clarifying the operational concept of Big Data used throughout this project.

Documento 2
Buenas Prácticas sobre cómo los Gobiernos pueden implementar una estrategia para estimular el ecosistema de negocios Big Data

Document 2: Best practices on how governments can implement a strategy to stimulate the Big Data business ecosystem
This study provides an analysis of levers and channels - from tax incentives to regulatory guidelines, legal frameworks to fiscal interventions, to other means such as advocacy - through which a modern government such as Colombia can stimulate this sector and its contribution to the country's economy.

Documento 3
Diagnóstico de la situación actual de Colombia estructurado alrededor de las seis dimensiones

Document 3: Analysis and diagnostic of the current situation in Colombia structured around six dimensions
This study provides a diagnosis on the current situation of Colombian government institutions regarding the use of data, and more specifically Big Data. This study is framed around six specific dimensions, including: (1) current state of the normative and ethical framework applicable to data, (2) ) organizational and institutional dimensions, (3) physical infrastructure (technology), (4) data architecture, (5) human capital and data culture, and last, (6) investments related to the use of data in the country.

Documento 4
Recomendaciones e insumos para la definición de una estrategia nacional de Big Data

Document 4: Recommendations and inputs for the definition of a national Big Data strategy

This paper provides a series of recommendations and inputs for the definition of the Big Data strategy for the Colombian Government. It aims to provide short, medium and long term actions that will enable the government to overcome the technical, social and human capital challenges that currently exist with regards to data and Big Data.



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