Human AI and Society

Artificial Intelligence is poised to enter – and alter – almost all spheres of human life in the years and decades to come. From jobs, health care, education, to justice, AI will, more broadly, impact how we make collective decisions. Such prospects raise many legitimate concerns and questions over ethics and privacy, amongst others, but AI can be leveraged both as an inspiration and as an instrument to build more efficient and fairer human societies. Our research in this area seeks to understand the risks and requirements of developing what we term “Human AI” systems, including by promoting ethical systems and standards for data sharing and use, and a healthy data culture within societies.



"Towards a Human Artificial Intelligence for Human Development"

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ITU Journal: ICT Discoveries, Special Issue No.2

"Human-AI Decision Systems"

Alex (Sandy) Pentland, 2017.

MIT Media Laboratory, Cambridge, MA

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Open Learning Hub Module: Decoding the ecosystem: Big Data, Artificial Intelligence, and other Buzzwords

"The big question that I'm asking myself these days is how can we make a human artificial intelligence? Something that is not a machine, but rather a cyber culture that we can all live in as humans, with a human feel to it. I don't want to think small—people talk about robots and stuff—I want this to be global. What would happen if you had a network of people where you could reinforce the ones that were helping and maybe discourage the ones that weren't? That begins to sound like a society or a company"
Alex 'Sandy' Pentland