Inequalities and Discriminations


Despite some progress made on the world’s most pressing development challenges, such as extreme poverty, inequalities and discriminations remain pervasive and structurally embedded in societies across the globe. Where and how one is born too often determines life-long access to opportunities and services such as education and employment. Our goal is to contribute to the growing body of knowledge on intersectional inequalities, leveraging (big) data to build evidence that considers vulnerable populations and subgroups — their identities and experiences — and leads to the suggestion of corrective actions. 


Vanessa Higgins, Valentina Casabuenas, Julie Ricar, Jackie Carter, 2019.

In collaboration with the University of Manchester through GCRF (Global Challenges Research Funding).

ODI, 2019.

Members of Data-Pop contributed to this report including Emma Samman, Emanuel Letouzé and Nuria Oliver.

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GVEXECUTIVO, Volumen 18, Number 4. 

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Collaboration: CKM Advisors, ICAAD, Data-Pop Alliance and Global Insight.