Big Data Sources

The main data sources to work with big data:

  • Exhaust data

    Collected electronically as a function of some other transaction

    Mobile Based: Mobile GPS Data, CDRs

    • Online Traces: Browser cookies, IP addresses; Search history

    • Transportation: GPS fleet tracking; E-hailing and rideshare

    • Financial transactions: Electronic ID, E-licenses, Online marketplace; Credit/debit; Digital transactions; Fidelity programs and membership rewards cards 

  • Digital Content

    • Social Media: Content of Posts; Social graphs based on user connections; Metadata from posts

    • Crowdsourcing: Calls on social media using hashtags; Mapping (OpenStreetMap, Google Maps, Yelp), Monitoring/Reporting apps (uReport); Structured online content; Unstructured online content

  • Sensing

    Physical: Smart meters; USGS Seismometers; Speed/weight/ mail trackers

    • Remote: Unmanned aerial vehicles (UVAs); Satellite imagery (NASA, TRIMM, LandSat)