Global Professional Training Program

Data-Pop Alliance’s professional training program focuses on knowledge and capacity-building on Big Data, sustainable development and the digital economy. The program includes a series of training workshops, dedicated to professionals involved in development work and policymaking in the Global South, a webinar series, and an e-library of curated resources to be launched soon.


This program is an operational effort to promote data literacy and tools to engage in the Fourth Industrial Revolution. We define data literacy as the “the desire and ability to engage constructively in society through and with data”. To this end, Data-Pop Alliance seeks to foster a people-centered Big Data revolution by helping to shape the emerging Big Data ecosystem in ways that promote social progress and citizen empowerment across the globe.​


This series of training workshops is taking place through 2016 to 2019 in Brazil, Colombia, Kenya, Mexico, Senegal, Thailand, the United States, and others, leveraging the resources of our extended network of partners, Research Affiliates, team members and leadership at MIT and Harvard, as well as bringing in local experts from academia and other sectors.

Webinar series

Big Data for Sustainable Development 

Developed and delivered in partnership with the UNSSC Knowledge Centre for Sustainable Development, as a part of its SD Talks Special Series initiative, this webinar series aims to examine the critical role that data can play in achieving sustainable development.


Take a closer look at the learning materials developed by Data-Pop Alliance to empower professionals and citizens to realize the promise of the Data Revolution and progress towards the SDGs. Stay tuned, we have more coming!