Objective: Strengthening local awareness, information, capacities and connections to help countries and communities deal with COVID-19

Proposed actions and

Available in local language.

Data and/or methods

  • Desk review.
  • John Hopkins data.

E.g. “social distance game”, i.e. making available in local language. (A major impediment seems to be lack of awareness and understanding of risks). 

Data and/or methods

To help answer critical questions in local language.

Data and/or methods

Scaling of of

  • Dedicated COVID-19 DPA-led cells in all countries of focus, with local partners.
  • COVID-19 local Council for the Orientation of Development and Ethics (CODE), mirrored on those of the OPAL (Open Algorithms) project.


  • Local and regional networks coordinated by DPA local cells including local partners. 
  • CODE members will provide advice and counsel on research and policy projects related to COVID-19, within the scope of the following functions: Relevance, Ethics, Data Protection, Community Engagement, Recommendations and Visibility.


  • Threats posed by the pandemic for the Global South and vulnerable populations (health, social, economic, violence).
  • Best practices and opportunities between countries.


  • Op-ed and Call for Action on criticality of focusing and working across Global South.
  • Support to selected in-country public body or civil society, or political organizations, that are pushing this agenda forward, by providing information, data etc.
  • Public campaigns.
  • Coordination and information across countries.

Adapted from Data-Pop Alliance’s existing Data Literacy toolkit.

With global DPA experts and practitioners in local language.

With global experts and practitioners in DPA’s network.

Capacity and community building workshops and resources for long term empowerment. 

C-19 Observatory

Data-Pop Alliance and ADE’s C-19 Global South Observatory aims to monitor the status of the pandemic in countries of the Global South through succinct and analytical Country Briefs, which provide a thorough overview of the situation in each country, informed by DPA’s network of local experts. Each Country Brief attempts to provide relevant and necessary contextual factors to characterize the current status of the pandemic, information that will be crucial to anticipate future needs.