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Contribute to the work of Data-Pop Alliance in leveraging data to diagnose local realities and human problems, mobilize agents of change through data literacy, and transform communities and societies in a sustainable manner.

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Personalized giving allows you to customize your donation! Our six Thematic Programs, while interconnected, address a wide variety of human development challenges. We have designed our giving system to allow you to directly support the Program of your choice, depending on the area you find most compelling.

1-Just Digital Transformations-Horizontal
Help us reduce digital barriers and democratize the data revolution. Learn more.
2-AI and Statistics for the SDGs horizontal
Join us to equip more individuals and organizations with data skills, systems, and standards to advance the SDGs. Learn more.
3-Resilient Livelihoods and Ecosystems horizontal (1)
Support us in building resilience among vulnerable communities to ever-increasing shocks. Learn more.
4-Data Feminism horizontal
Join our efforts to harness data to reach SDG 5, empowering women and girls around the world. Learn more.
5-Geographies of Inequalities horizontal
Help us understand the contributing factors of inequality, in the form of crime, poverty and migration. Learn more.
6-Technology and Democracy horizontal
Aide us in rebuilding trust and cohesion in the age of digital misinformation. Learn more.

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