New Publication
"Assessing the Socioeconomic Impact of COVID-19 on Agriculture, Food Security, Livelihoods, and Food Systems in Liberia"

In this edition of Links We Like we will explore some of the ways AI is being used in the healthcare sector and go through different AI applications, from maternal healthcare to mental health.

"The High Costs of Internet Shutdowns"

New Discussion Piece

We invite you to explore UNESCO's flagship report, which DPA had the honor of contributing to.
The WTR is out
The World Trends Report is Out
"Estudio Exploratorio Regional en Big Data para el Desarrollo Sostenible en Latinoamérica y el Caribe"
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Our Vision
"Changing the world
with data"

Data-Pop Alliance is a collaborative laboratory of researchers, experts, practitioners, policymakers, and activists created in 2013 out of MIT, Harvard and ODI. We aim to change the world with data through our three pillars of work: diagnosing local realities and human problems with data and AI; mobilizing capacities, communities, and ideas towards more data literate societies; and, ultimately, transforming the systems and processes that underpin our societies and countries.
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Pillars of Work

D i a g n o s e​

In the “data deluge” era, where data is abundant, knowledge continues to be scarce and unevenly distributed across regions of the globe. Leveraging the unique strengths of our founding institutions and network, we work to diagnose local realities using innovative data and technologies to create actionable insights.

M o b i l i z e

Through trainings, policy and strategy workshops, conferences and events, we seek to enhance “data literacy”, or rather, “literacy in the age of data” at scale to help individuals and institutions become agents of positive social change using data in ways that reflect core ethical principles of equity and empowerment.

T r a n s f o r m

We provide support to governments and international organizations in the
process of consolidating their digital transformations. This includes processes to conceive socio-technological innovations, as well as to develop data and digital strategies, contributing to building evidence and methods to tackle societal issues.

Quarterly Update

We send updates on our work, news impacting the world of data, events, job openings and other resources. Don’t worry, we will not spam you.

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