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forum on AI in Latin America
January 21- 23, 2020
Cambridge MA
Estrategia nacional de Big Data para Colombia
Conoce más sobre este proyecto,
primero en su tipo en Latinoamérica

Measuring the
Innovative approaches to measuring
SDG Tier 3 indicators
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Our Vision

Data-Pop Alliance is a global coalition and collaboration between the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative, MIT Connection Science, Overseas Development Institute and Flowminder Foundation bringing together researchers, experts, practitioners, policymakers and activists to promote a people-centered “4th Industrial Revolution” through collaborative research, data literacy, and strategy and community engagement with partners and clients around the world.

Our Work


We combine the unique strengths of our founding institutions and partners to analyze the applications and implications of Big Data and development.

Data Literacy

We develop curricula, trainings, and hands-on workshops with local communities, government and elected officials, data and social scientists, and journalists in order to enhance their willingness and ability to shape the Big Data revolution.


We are involved in policy debates, partnerships, and grassroots advocacy efforts to promote a Big Data revolution that reflects core values of equity and empowerment, enabling people to navigate and transform their own environments.