Webinar: Use of Mobile Technologies to Address Data Gaps

Presentation slides: Make Measurement Matter

Video: Session 4: Data Science and ITCs - Emmanuel Letouzé intervention
(starts at 7:30)

SD Talks Special Series: Partnership for Sustainable Development Data

SD Talks Special Series: Big Data, What is it and how can it contribute to SD

Presentation slides: Demography, meet Big Data; Big Data, meet Demography

Data-Pop Alliance conversations on Soundcloud

Video: Big Data for Climate Change and Disaster Resilience - Linus Bengsston

Video: Big Data for Climate Change and Disaster Resilience - Bessie Schwarz

Video: Big Data for Climate Change and Disaster Resilience - Emmanuel Letouzé

Video: Alex Pentland and Andrew Keen debate Big Data

Video: Entering the Age of Data - Jeanne Bourgault

SciDev.Net Podcasts

Video: What is Data Literacy?

Video: Big data to create new ecosystem of decision-makers

Cartoon: An illustrated introduction to predicting socioeconomic Levels through cell-phone data


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    Key Facts & Figures

    What is big data, and could it transform development policy? Emmanuel Letouzé takes a close look at this emerging field. Read more

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    Data “Inflation” Table

    Each year since 2012, well over 1.2 zettabytes of data has been produced — 1021 bytes, enough to fill 80 billion 16GB iPhones (which would circle the earth more than 100 times). Read more

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    Big data Bites|Early years and foundational pieces

    Over the past couple of years, thousands of media articles and editorials have covered big data’s impact on society, including an early mention of the upcoming “Industrial Revolution of data” by Joe Hellerstein, a computer scientist at the University of California, Berkeley. Read more

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    Big data | The dark side: ethical problems of big data

    Issues of individual privacy, ethics and human rights around the use of big data are getting increasing attention. Read more

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    Big data | Following the data: institutions and programmes

    Responding to the promise of big data, several large foundations have already shown interest in the field. Read more

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    Big data | Groups, networks, and events

    Anyone interested in big data and statistics can join groups including Stanford University’s Statistics for Social Good working group and Google’s Data Science for Social Good group. Read more