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The C-19 Global South Observatory aims to monitor the status, impacts and implications of the crisis in countries of the Global South through succinct and analytical Country Briefs, which provide a thorough overview of the situation in each country, informed by DPA and ADE‘s in-house and international experts, as well as by their network of local experts. Each Country Brief attempts to provide relevant and necessary contextual factors to characterize the current status of the pandemic, information that will be crucial to anticipate future needs. Particularly, we aim to understand the scope of the government’s current response and capacity, actions that have been put in place to mitigate the spread and effect of the pandemic, and to identify sources of vulnerability and risk. 

The observatory looks to strengthen local  awareness, information, capacities and connections to help countries and communities deal with COVID-19.

Briefs are updated once per week, and more will be added soon.

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If you want to help us produce a Country brief for a Global South country currently missing in the C-19 Global South Observatory, please download this template and get in touch. Thank you!

Overview. Graph 1) Evolution of confirmed cases around the world, Graph 2) & 3) Confirmed cases & Fatalities in selected countries of the Global South

* The data used to create the graphs above comes from the data repository of COVID-19 cases, made by Johns Hopkins University and available on this Github link.  NOTE: There can be a day lag between the day when data is updated and the one reflected in the graph, as the data from Johns Hopkins repository is updated around a day after reports are made.

Country Briefs

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