In the “data deluge” era, where data is abundant, knowledge continues to be scarce and unevenly distributed across regions of the globe. At the same time, data offers a lens through which to capture and address complex human problems. Leveraging the unique strengths of our founding institutions and network, DPA works to diagnose local realities using innovative data and technologies to create actionable insights, for and with our partners on the ground.

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The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted global gaps in awareness, incentives, networks, and skills to use data as a common language to make better collective decisions. Through trainings, policy and strategy workshops, conferences and CODEs we aim to strengthen data capacities and ecosystems to craft a better common future.

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We seek to build a world where data and technologies are used as levers to yield and implement better collective decisions for citizens, communities, and the planet. We help design and deploy data strategies, systems, and tools that support just, ethical, and sustainable human-centered —and societal— transformations.

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