Data Feminism Network

Harnessing Data Feminism for an Equitable Future for All

About DFN

Data Feminism Network (DFN) is a project founded by Ali Dunn in 2020 with support from a talented team of diverse women that include Simran Panatch, Jade Greer, Elettra Baldi and Mycala Gill.  

In 2023, DFN was officially acquired by Data-Pop Alliance under our Data Feminism Program, to carry on the mission of advancing feminist principles in data science and technology through community-based knowledge sharing. The concept and principles of Data Feminism were coined by Catherine D’Ignazio and Laura F. Klein in their homonymous book, which serves as inspiration to both DFN and the Data Feminism Program.

DFN is currently funded by the Patrick J McGovern Foundation.

What We Do

Democratize Data Feminism

DFN promotes the democratization of Data Feminism principles

Start Conversations

DFN aims to start insightful and engaging conversations

Share Knowledge

DFN opens up inclusive spaces for knowledge-sharing

Connect People

DFN connects those interested in data, technology and feminism

Upcoming Projects

Soon we’ll share more details about these and other DFN projects in this space.

Book - Movie Club

The Trilingual Book and Movie Club "Technology Through Feminist Lenses" is a space to discuss the future of AI and technology through the prism of fiction and non-fiction with and engaged community.
We start in January 2024.
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The webinars are opportunities to engage with experts and share relevant and intersectional knowledge.
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Advisory Board


To learn more about the DFN and get in touch with the team behind this project, please email us at