Alex 'Sandy' Pentland

Academic Director

Emmanuel Letouzé

Director & Co-Founder

Patrick Vinck

CO-Director & Co-FOUNDER

Phuong Pham

Director of Evaluation and Implementation Science at hhi

Linus Bengtsson

Co-Director of Flowminder

Emma Samman

Executive Committee Member

Nuria Oliver

Chief Data Scientist


Emmanuel Letouzé

Director & Co-Founder

Julie Ricard

Deputy Director

Natalie Grover

Global Program Manager

Rodrigo Lara Molina

Research Scientist

Valentina Casasbuenas

Fundraising Officer

Maria Antonia Bravo

Program Officer

Bruno Lepri

Head of Research

Julia Manske


Jimmy Feterman

Volunteer Research Consultant

Research Affiliates

Senior Research Affiliates

Albert Ali Salah

Assistant Professor, Boğaziçi University Utrecht University

Jesse Anttila-Hughes

Assistant Professor of Economics, University of San Francisco

Richard Bluhm

Assistant Professor of Economics, Leibniz University Hanover (Germany)

Dharani Dhar Burra

Resident Data Scientist, International Center for Tropical Agriculture (CIAT)

Andrés Clavijo

Technical Director, DANE

Marion Dumas

Omidyar Fellow, Santa Fe Institute

Sam Fraiberger

Data Scientist World Bank Group

Jonathan Gray

Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Amsterdam

Martin Hilbert

Assistant Professor, University of California-Davis

Sabrina Juran

Technical Specialist, Population Data & Analysis, UNFPA

Lanah Kammourieh

Ph.D. Candidate in International Law

Yves-Alexandre de Montjoye

Assistant Professor (Lecturer) Imperial College London

Cathy O'Neil

Data Scientist, Author, and Blogger

Robert Darko Osei

Senior Research Fellow University of Ghana

Espen Beer Prydz

Economist, World Bank Development research Group

Thomas Roca

Data Strategist, Microsoft

Simone Sala

Associate Director, Dr. Steve Chan Center for Sensemaking, (AIRS)

Romesh Silva

Demographer & Statistician, United Nations Economic & Social Commission for Western Africa

Fredrik Sjoberg

Consultant, The World Bank

Jacopo Staiano

Post Doctoral Researcher, mobile & social computing lab (mobs lab) Bruno Kessler Foundation

Bogdan State

Data Scientist, Facebook

Linnet Taylor

Marie Curie Research Fellow, University of Amsterdam

Jay Ulfelder

Independent research Consultant & Advisor, U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum

Ingmar Weber

Research Director for Social Computing,
Qatar Computing Research Institute (QCRI)

Jen Welch

Ph.d. Candidate, Southhampton University, Co-founder & Co-director of Build UP

Emilio Zagheni

Assistant Professor of Sociology, University of Washington

Research Affiliates

Gianni Barlacchi

Computer Engineer & PHD candidate University of Trento & FBK MOBS Lab

Jos Berens

Data Policy Officer, un ocha centre for humanitarian data

Marco De Nadai

Phd candidate, fondazione bruno kessler

Ali Kamil

Founder, crowdsos & MS/mpa student, mit media lab & harvard

Julia Manske

Researcher, Stiftung neue Verantwortung

Alejandro Noriega

phd candidate, mit media lab

Didem Gundogdu

phd candidate, University of trento

Bessie Schwarz

Communications & Outreach, Yale Project on Climate change Communications

Beth Tellman

Phd student Arizona state university

Advisory Board

Patrick Ball

Executive Director, Human Rights Data Analysis Group

Lucy Bernholz

Visiting Scholar, Stanford University Center on Philanthrophy & Civil Society

Debapriya Bhattacharya

Distinguished Fellow at the Center for Policy Dialogue, Chair of Southern Voice on Post-MDG Internat

Bruce Campbell

Director, Technical Division, United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA)

Haishan Fu

Director, World Bank Development Data Group

Wendy Hall

Professor, University of Southampton

Mark Hansen

Director of the Brown Institute, Columbia & Stanford Universities

Joseph Hoffman

Executive Director, Partnership For African Social & Governance Research (PASGR)

Mariéme Jamme

Co-Founder, Africa Gathering

Gary King

Professor & director of iqss, harvard university

Paul Ladd

Director, UN research institute for social development

Temina Madon

Executive director, center for effective global action and development impact lab, berkley

Mauricio Perfetti

Vice-Chancellor of Discovery and innovation (eafit)

Philipp Schonrock

Director, centro de pensamiento estratégico international (cepei)

Michael VanRooyen

Director of HHI & Professor, Harvard University

Kevin Watkins

Executive Director, Overseas Development Institute

Erik Wetter

Co-founder & Chairman, Flowminder Foundation

Steering Committee

Amparo Ballivian

Lead Economist, World Bank Development Data Group

David Chavalarias

Director, Paris Île-de-France Complex Systems Institute (ISC-PIF)

Nicolas de Cordes

Vice President of Marketing Anticipation, Orange

Mark Frohardt

Executive Director, Internews Center for Innovation and Learning

Ricardo Fuentes-Nieva

Head of Research, Oxfam UK

Sanjana Hattotuwa

Special Advisor, ICT4Peace Foundation

Eva Ho

General Partner, Susa Ventures

William Hoffman

Head of Data-Driven Development, World Economic Forum USA

Johannes Jütting

Manager, PARIS21 Initiative

Helena Puig Laurrari

Co-founder, Build Up

Alessia Lefébure

Alliance Program Director and Adjunct Associate Professor, Columbia University

Lester Mackey

Assistant Professor, Stanford University

Francesco Mancini

Senior Director of Research, International Peace Institute

Michail Skaliotis

Head of Big Data Task Force, Eurostat