DPA Managing Director Natalie Grover Presents OPAL for Humanitarian Action at the UN STI Forum

Anthony Deen, Ivette Yáñez Soria, Natalie Grover May 15 2024 News

On May 8th, 2024, DPA Managing Director Natalie Grover spoke at the ninth Annual Multi-Stakeholder Forum on Science, Technology and Innovation for the Sustainable Development Goals (STI Forum) at the UN Headquarters in New York. In an effort to harness the power of technology and innovation to respond to pressing humanitarian crises, the STI Forum hosted an official side event … Read More

WFP Innovation Accelerator Selects DPA’s “OPAL for Humanitarian Action” to Respond to Climate-Induced Migration in Senegal

Andrés Lozano, Emmanuel Letouzé, Ivette Yáñez Soria, Natalie Grover, Talla Ndiaye Apr 30 2024 Blog

Data-Pop Alliance’s “OPAL for Humanitarian Action (OPAL4HA)” project was selected by the World Food Programme’s (WFP) Innovation Accelerator as one of four early-stage projects to join its Humanitarian Innovation Accelerator Programme (HIAP), out of 379 applications from 85 countries. The 6-month selection process involved participating in a Bootcamp and pitching to the HIAP team and funders along 16 finalists in … Read More

Our “Overview and Outlook 2022-2024” is Out!

Angela Paola Caile, Anthony Deen, Emmanuel Letouzé, Ivette Yáñez Soria, Natalie Grover, Sara Ortiz Sep 05 2023 News

Download the “Overview and Outlook 2022-2024” Report 10 Year Anniversary Edition Finding appropriate metrics to summarize a decade of work by and at Data-Pop Alliance is not easy. It could be the number of projects completed (over 100), of our publications (92), of countries where we have worked (over 30), or partners we have collaborated with (countless). It could also … Read More

DPA Alumni Series Interview: Shivika Singh

Anthony Deen, Natalie Grover, Shivika Singh Mar 14 2022 Blog

In the “Alumni Series”, we catch up with former Data-Pop Alliance interns to hear about their experiences working with DPA, what they learned, and how it helped them on their career paths. The first edition features Managing Director Natalie Grover (NG) interviewing former Intern Shivika Singh (SS), who worked with DPA in 2018. NG: Can you just give us a quick … Read More

LWL #18 Algorithmic Bias and the Gender Gap

Maria Antonia Bravo, Natalie Grover Jul 02 2019 Blog

LINKS WE LIKE #18 A recent article by Wang et al studies gender trends in computer science authorship, revealing that, “if current trends continue, parity between the number of male and female authors will not be reached in this century”. Although examining the proportion of female authorship over time only captures one of the many facets of representation in academia, … Read More

EmpoderaData: Empowerment Through Data in Latin America

Jackie Carter, Julie Ricard, Natalie Grover, Valentina Casasbuenas, Vanessa Higgins Jun 06 2019 Blog, News

On May 16-17 in São Paulo, Data-Pop Alliance, University of Manchester, and FGV EAESP jointly organized a workshop on Data Literacy and SDGs in Latin America. The workshop followed an open seminar on “Big Data for Social Good” which gathered over 80 participants from different sectors and discussed ongoing initiatives leveraging ‘big data’ for research and public policy in Brazil … Read More

Resumen del curso de capacitación DPA y CEPAL, “Big data, economía digital y desarrollo sostenible” realizado en Santo Domingo, RD, 9-11 de abril, 2019

Maria Antonia Bravo, Natalie Grover Apr 15 2019 Blog

Data-Pop Alliance dirigió un taller de formación profesional sobre “Big Data, Economía Digital y Desarrollo Sostenible” en Santo Domingo, República Dominicana del 9 al 11 de abril, 2019, en alianza con la Comisión Económica para América Latina y el Caribe de las Naciones Unidas (NU CEPAL) y la Oficina Nacional de Estadística (ONE). Este taller hizo parte de un programa … Read More

LWL #17 Green Tech: The Sustainability Conundrum

Maria Antonia Bravo, Natalie Grover Mar 14 2019 Blog

LINKS WE LIKE #17 As a data-driven organization, we dwell in the techno-scientific world, leveraging research, capacity building and community engagement around topics such as machine learning and AI to drive a people-centered Big Data revolution. Although sustainable development is one of the main drivers of our work, we know how large the environmental footprint of technology can be. Technology … Read More

Big data para o bem comum

Julie Ricard, Natalie Grover Mar 14 2019 News

Big Data para o Bem Comum 16-17 de Maio 2019 São Paulo SP Durante a última década, vivemos uma “revolução de dados”. A maioria de nossas ações e interações como seres humanos e sociedades são mediadas ou capturadas por dispositivos e serviços digitais, deixando assim um rastro digital. Nossas vidas e sociedades estão cada vez mais digitalizadas e codificadas em … Read More

LWL #16 AI For Social Good

Maria Antonia Bravo, Natalie Grover Feb 05 2019 Blog

LINKS WE LIKE #16 Google’s “AI for Social Good” initiative launched on October 2018, aiming to drive the adoption of “Artificial Intelligence (AI) for public good”. Beyond the buzzword, how can we define this emerging field? In this week’s Links We Like we take a closer look at projects and research that use AI for sustainable development and social good … Read More

Debate: How can Developing Countries Balance the Rewards and Risks of Big Data?

Natalie Grover Nov 20 2018 News

On Tuesday 20 November, SciDev.Net hosted the third of four online debates, supported by the Rockefeller Foundation, exploring key issues in science for development. Experts from around the world will discuss what big data means for development, and how poorer countries can balance the rewards and risks of big data. Data-Pop Alliance Director Emmanuel Letouzé participated along with the following … Read More

Overview of the Data Pop Alliance – UNSSC Training Course “Leveraging Big Data for Sustainable Development” held at MIT Media Lab, October 15-17, 2018

Julie Ricard, Natalie Grover Nov 07 2018 Blog, News

On October 15-17, Data-Pop Alliance and UNSSC conducted our third training workshop of 2018 in Cambridge, MA. The workshop is part of a broader training program tailored towards development practitioners, policymakers, and researchers interested in strengthening their knowledge and skills to leverage Big Data in their work. © Maya van Wingerden With an impressively diverse cohort of participants, this training … Read More

SD Talks Session 4 – Big Data and the Global Gender Gap: The Promises and Perils of Digital Information

Natalie Grover Mar 14 2018 News

  Announcing the fourth Webinar of the SD Talks Special Series on Data for Sustainable Development series, produced jointly by Data-Pop Alliance and the UN System Staff College (UNSSC). Guest speakers Rebecca Furst-Nichols (Deputy Director) and Bapu Vaitla (Fellow) of Data2X, a collaborative advocacy and technical initiative hosted by the United Nations Foundation that works to improve the use of global gender data, will discuss … Read More

Seminar and Training on “Big Data, Digital Economy, and Sustainable Development” in Mexico City, October 16-19, 2017

Natalie Grover Oct 25 2017 Blog

  Data-Pop Alliance led a training workshop on “Big Data, Economy, and Sustainable Development” in Mexico City on October 17-19, 2017 in partnership with the United Nations Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean (UNECLAC) and the Mexican Presidency’s Coordinación de Estrategia Digital Nacional (EDN). The workshop is part of a comprehensive program, which includes other trainings and activities … Read More