Our “Overview and Outlook 2022-2024” is Out!

10 Year Anniversary Edition

Finding appropriate metrics to summarize a decade of work by and at Data-Pop Alliance is not easy. It could be the number of projects completed (over 100), of our publications (92), of countries where we have worked (over 30), or partners we have collaborated with (countless). It could also be our team size –now oscillating between 30 and 40– or our budget, now slightly over $1m USD per year (we are indeed lean). It could be the number of sleepless nights, of proposals sent out; that of moments of deep joy and pride or that of crushing disappointments. Measuring our “impact” is even more difficult when so many variables come into play. A key factor is unmeasurable: our resolve.

Read more about this resolve in our Annual Report, commemorating our 10-year anniversary. It features examples of ongoing and future projects, and a snapshot of the portfolio of work that we will continue in 2023 and 2024 to leverage and democratize data and technology for a more equitable and sustainable world.

Our work, as always is motivated by the conviction that putting data, technology and AI in the right hands towards the right ends could contribute to “changing the world” for the better. This year, that work included trainings to leverage the power of data to reach the SDGs across Latin America (in collaboration with AECID); participating in the development of Senegal’s first ever National Data Strategy; and together with UNICEF and UNFPA, a landscape mapping of tech-driven interventions to mitigate child marriage and female genital mutilation across 13 countries; among many other projects.

Highlights from the Report

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Project Report

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Project Report

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