Objective: Develop transformative data-enabled policies and strategies to recover from COVID-19.

Proposed actions and sub-objectives

  • Provide ProsperIA’s interactive decision support platform for assisting policy-makers in designing
  • Provide data science expertise to support data identification and processing to make the best use of the platform. 

Goals and/or outputs

  • ProsperIA’s interactive decision-support platform
  • Based on ongoing support in Costa Rica, Colombia and Panama. 


In collaboration
with ProsperIA Labs

Goals and/or outputs

  • Map the most marginalized areas for immediate inclusion in social and financial programs to mitigate COVID-19 economic effects.

What will be the deciding factors, implementation modalities (“frontline workers), new trades, jobs, in the post-COVID-19 world? 

i.e. politics and mechanisms of social protection nets.

i.e. systems that can provide real-time reliable and safe information about the state of public health systems and the health of people.

By building ethical and scalable technological systems and governance standards for private-to-public data sharing for better societies.