Consulting Services on International AI-policy and Data Governance Policies, Data Protection, and Privacy for GIZ Fair Forward

Jul 20 2022

FAIR Forward Artificial Intelligence is a GIZ initiative aimed at promoting and achieving a more inclusive and sustainable approach to AI at the international level. This is done through three pillars of work: 1) strengthening local AI technical know-how 2) removing entry barriers to AI by improving access to AI technologies and data; and 3) developing policy frameworks including ethical AI, data protection, and privacy guidelines. DPA provided consulting services in the form of reports, guidelines, and advisory assistance under the aforementioned pillars of work throughout 2021. As a result, reports and tools on subjects as diverse as the ethical use of machine learning for earth observation; a gender-sensitive approach to AI; operating and business models to sustain Open AI resources; available data governance models for AI initiatives; among others, were produced for and incorporated by the GIZ FF initiative in its projects.