Racial Inequality Dashboard

Jul 27 2022

The African Futures Action Lab (out of MIT) and DPA are co-developing a “Racial Inequality Dashboard” that will provide a transcontinental view of racial inequality and injustice through the collection of both qualitative and quantitative data from a wide variety of traditional and non-traditional sources (including existing datasets, reports from civil society organizations, legal documents, and social media) to present a fuller picture of the effects of racism in an accessible and actionable manner. The resulting indicators and insights will aim to advance policy, advocacy and awareness raising efforts by civil society associations and policymakers to address structural racism and inequalities in selected countries, including where such data are not collected. The Dashboard will: 1) monitor racial violence and inequalities within and across countries in the Latin America and the Caribbean, Europe, and Africa; 2) document demands for racial justice in those regions; 3) highlight institutional actions taken to address these issues; and 4) fill gaps in state-collected data related to racial disparities and violence.