Rapid Assessment of COVID-19 Impacts and Mobility Analysis During the Pandemic in Togo

Jul 26 2022

In order to identify the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic in Togo, in partnership with United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and ADE, Data-Pop Alliance offered a synthetic analysis of the main impacts of the crisis in the country with a focus on the sector’s development priorities before the pandemic, using the most recent analyzes, studies and more recent data. The aim of this analysis was to examine both quantitative and qualitative data available from the country; focusing on economy (SMEs and informal sector), social protection, basic services, food security; all with a transversal gender perspective. Particularly, the project’s report examined the situation before COVID-19 and identified its main effects and impacts; examined the content and conclusions of studies carried out on the impact of COVID-19, and raised the limits and / or potential deviations; analyzed how the limits in classical data can be complemented by data from alternative sources.