South Sudan



It has only been a decade since South Sudan gained its independence after a long conflict with Sudan. The nation faces a multidimensional crisis of persistent violence and conflict, systemic impunity and weak institutions. According to Human Rights Watch, four million people remain displaced from the civil war that began in 2013, and six million depend on humanitarian aid. Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic has put extra pressure on the country’s weak health care system. 


Overview Rapid Socio-Economic Impact Assessment of COVID-19 in South Sudan

The goal of this project is to identify the impacts of COVID-19 on the macroeconomic prospects, the human development challenges and the peace-building and state-building efforts in South Sudan. Given pre-existing fragilities, South Sudan is one of the most vulnerable countries to COVID-induced socio-economic shocks. The report analyzes the impacts of the crisis on the main pre-existing vulnerabilities, outlines the possible scenarios of COVID response and provides high-level policy recommendations for the short-term humanitarian emergency response and long-term sustainable development of the country.

Our report aims to provide the evidence and inputs to inform and guide COVID-19 interventions and response efforts of the UN agencies, the Government and other development partners. The final document will be published soon in this page.

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