LWL #36 Crisis Data: New Technology and Humanitarian Emergencies

Ana Deborah Lana, Anthony Deen, Ivette Yáñez Soria, Nelson Papi Kolliesuah, Sara Ortiz, Yara Antoniassi Mar 30 2022 Blog

LINKS WE LIKE #36 Accurate data is pivotal to identifying and responding to the needs of those impacted by a variety of shocks, including violent conflicts, environmental disasters, epidemics, and other life-threatening emergencies. By gathering and processing personal, public, and geographic data, aid organizations, humanitarian workers and other relevant actors are able to not only deploy more targeted responses to … Read More

‘The Technology We Need’ Becomes an Official Generation Equality Forum Commitment

DPA Team Jul 15 2021 News

The Technology We Need seeks to put women at the front of problem-solving at the local level around the world. A cohort of international organizations, of which Data-Pop Alliance is a proud member, is supporting this initiative which this month became an official Generation Equality Forum: Technology and Innovation Action Coalition for Gender Equality (TIGE) commitment. The Technology We Need … Read More