Book and Movie Club: “Technology Through Feminist Lenses”

May 07 2024

With the generous support of the Patrick J McGovern Foundation, Data-Pop Alliance and Eureka proudly launched the free Book and Movie Club titled “Technology Through Feminist Lenses.” The club conducted sessions in three languages: English, Portuguese, and Spanish. Throughout its three months, we utilized curated content to explore technology as a lens to discuss intersectional feminist perspectives, race, class, and … Read More

Book Club: “Counting Femicide by Catherine D’Ignazio”

Apr 10 2024

This Book Club, featured the book “Counting Femicide: Data Feminism in Action” by Catherine D’Ignazio, which documents the creative, intellectual, and emotional labor of data activists across the Americas as they seek to fill the institutional gap in counting femicides and gender-related killings. The Book Club facilitated a safe space for discussion with the author herself during 8 live discussion … Read More

Design and Development of the Central Database & CRM for Abogadas MX’s “Standards for Diversity and Inclusion within Law Firms in Mexico” Program.

Apr 05 2024

DPA, in collaboration with Abogadas MX, led the design and development of the Central Database and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software for the “Standards for Diversity and Inclusion in Law Firms in Mexico” Program. This included the creation of a survey to collect gender-focused data from law firms. This initiative enabled the organization to systematically gather and manage information from … Read More

Increasing and Strengthening the Availability of Digital Sexual and Reproductive Health Services with Youth-Friendly Approaches in Latin America

Nov 13 2023

In partnership with Fòs Feminista, DPA conducted a consultancy with the objective of updating Fòs Feminista‘ subject knowledge, with a focus on digital sexual and reproductive health services implemented by their partners in the LATAM, Africa, and Asia regions, as well as to generate an analysis of the different strategies and methodologies used to apply a youth-friendly approach in delivering … Read More

The Patrick J. McGovern Foundation Data Feminism Grant

Jan 24 2023

The Patrick J. McGovern Foundation (PJMF) awarded DPA’s Data Feminism Program a twelve-month, $300,000 grant to support our work advancing intersectional, data-driven research, training and advocacy to continue fostering gender equality across Latin America and the Caribbean, the MENA region and Sub-Saharan Africa. In 2023, the grant was renewed for $400,000 to continue supporting existing and new Data Feminism Initiatives, including … Read More

Geospatial analysis of care systems in Bangladesh

May 15 2024

Data-Pop Alliance (DPA), in collaboration with UN Women, conducted a geospatial analysis of care systems within Bangladesh to facilitate evidence-based decision-making processes and investments in the care economy. Utilizing data from the geo-coded Demographic and Health Survey conducted in Bangladesh in 2022, this analysis aimed to identify districts with the highest concentration of children and other age-specific care requirements, assess … Read More