Support to the Inter-American Development Bank in the Identification of Technological and Big Data Tools for Current, Ongoing, and New IDB Projects

Jul 22 2022

This project aimed to support the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) in preparing for the IDB Andean Summit event held on November 29, 2018, in Quito, Ecuador. A study was generated that identified new Big Data tools being developed and/or used by academic institutions, international organizations, and the public or private sector that would concretely benefit current and future IDB projects. … Read More

Report “Digital Technology Shaping Green and Sustainable Lifestyles: Exploring Alipay Ant Forest”

Jul 22 2022

This report analyzed Alipay’s Ant Forest’s exponential growth, its trajectory, and vision to unlock the power of individual behavior change for climate change mitigation. It explained how this green initiative, through digital functions, managed to encourage users to engage in low-carbon activities in their daily life. It estimated that the market size for an innovation such as Alipay Ant Forest … Read More

Technical Assistance Facility for Africa-EU Relations in the Field of Economic Development

Jul 22 2022

This series of three reports analyzed varying aspects of Africa-EU and provided technical policy insights to strengthen the European Commission Directorate General for International Partnerships’ (INTPA) capacity in “knowledge-based” policymaking. Each report was conducted through a study and analysis of policy briefings, taking into account EU political interests towards Africa, as well as relevant existing legally-binding agreements, political declarations and … Read More

Enhancing Data Interoperability and Open Data in Mauritania: A Market Evaluation and Recommendations

May 08 2024

The Mauritania component of the West Africa Regional Digital Integration Program (WARDIP Mauritania) is expanding access to broadband and digital services through the development and integration of the country’s digital markets with those of the West African region. The project focuses on 3 key elements for the integration of digital technologies at the regional level: the connectivity market, the data … Read More

Workbook Series: Applying the FAIR Data Principles to Agricultural Development

Jul 27 2023

Data-Pop Alliance (DPA), in partnership with CABI, launched a collaborative project to develop a comprehensive repository of resources highlighting the utility of the FAIR Data Principles for agricultural development. This initiative aims to assist project officers in effectively integrating the FAIR Principles into their work by providing practical resources and tools, including Workbooks and Factsheets for each step of the … Read More