Development of Ghana’s National Data Strategy

Dec 07 2023

Data-Pop Alliance, in partnership with Smart Africa, is developing a national data strategy in line with the country’s priorities in terms of sustainable development, promotion of innovation, the creation of value and, above all, digital sovereignty. The general objectives are: (i) Promoting the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), including by strengthening data partnerships and local capacities; (ii) Promoting good governance in … Read More

Development of Senegal’s National Data Strategy

May 26 2023

DPA, in collaboration with Smart Africa and GIZ under the leadership of the Ministry of Communication, Telecommunications and the Digital Economy, is leading the development of Senegal’s National Data Strategy. The main objective is to identify all the measures and propose an implementation roadmap to (1) enable the digital ecosystem to leverage the potential of data for economic growth; (2) … Read More

Development and Launch of a Data-Driven Platform

Nov 07 2022

DPA is developing a data-driven tool that will provide the Mastercard Foundation (MCF) with access to key information on global and regional trends relevant to its work in Africa. This tool will support the foundation’s future investment decisions with an evidence-based and system-change approach. Additionally, the tool will grow the organizational awareness and understanding of  issues shaping important social debates … Read More

Technical Assistance to UNDP Togo’s Open and Big Data Activities and Plans

Aug 18 2022

Data-Pop Alliance (DPA) offered to provide technical assistance to United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) Togo Country Office (CO) to support its efforts to leverage open and Big Data for the country’s development, including Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) monitoring and promotion. The consultancy aimed at contributing to advancing the state of knowledge, know-how, awareness and capacities to harness the potential of … Read More

The African Union-European Union (AU-EU) Data Economies

Jul 25 2022

In collaboration with the European Union and the African Union, and support from German development agency GIZ, DPA developed an overview of the Data Economy Framework between Europe and Africa in a concise report focused on the potential of the data economy in Africa, and its potential to boost the African-European data market exchange. The final report discussed the landscape … Read More

Mobile Data for Development (MD4D) Interactive Handbook

Jul 25 2022

This interactive handbook, developed in collaboration with the Digital Impact Alliance (DIAL) serves as a hands-on resource to help mid-to-senior level staff of Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), National Statistical Offices (NSOs) and other interested parties understand and develop MD4D projects. DPA’s contribution to the handbook involved structuring key content and presenting use cases, lessons and experiences developed in different contexts … Read More

GIZ Customized Data Sharing Toolbox and Recommendations for GIZ’s Data Strategy

Jul 25 2022

The GIZ FAIR Forward (GIZ FF) Artificial Intelligence initiative aims to promote and achieve a more open, inclusive and sustainable approach to AI at an international level. With partners in Uganda, the initiative seeks, specifically, to 1) strengthen local technical know-how on AI; 2) to remove entry barriers to AI by improving access to training data and AI technologies for … Read More

Project Cycle Hacking Toolkit: Leveraging Non-Traditional Data Sources Along the GIZ Project Cycle

Jul 25 2022

In partnership with the GIZ Data Lab, this project sought to create a Toolkit to guide GIZ in the use of nontraditional data sources throughout the project lifecycle. The tool was designed and developed from a thorough analysis of GIZ processes, aiming to understand how and where non-traditional sources of data can be leveraged in the formulation, design, implementation and … Read More

National Big Data Strategy for Colombia

Jul 22 2022

The MIT Media Lab and DPA provided technical assistance to iNNpulsa—Colombia’s entrepreneurship and innovation agency—and to the National Planning Department (DNP), in the design and development of the country’s first national Big Data strategy, which was presented to the President of Colombia in 2020. After intensive research, DPA produced nine diagnostic documents that were used to identify priority areas and … Read More