Climate-Induced Migration in Africa and Beyond: Big Data and Predicative Analytics (CLIMB)

Aug 02 2023

In Senegal, as part of a project funded by the Belmont Forum, DPA and its academic and civil society partners will be utilizing “traditional” and “non-traditional” data, including mobile phone data, to understand human mobility induced by extreme weather events. Enabled by OPAL technology, these Call Detail Records (CDRs), provided through a partnership with Orange-Sonatel, will be layered with earth … Read More

Assessing Africa’s Borderlands Informal Social Protection Mechanisms in Liberia and Sierra Leone

Jul 26 2022

This study, supported by the UNDP’s Country Offices in Liberia and Sierra Leone, aimed to develop a deep understanding of the existing informal social protection mechanisms and community development needs in the borderlands of Sierra Leone and Liberia. DPA adopted an inductive ethnographic approach consisting of qualitative methods complemented with quantitative data collection to identify borderland community needs and trends, … Read More