Data-Pop Alliance Director Emmanuel Letouzé to Deliver Keynote Speech at The Innovation Enterprise’s Big Data Innovation Summit in September

Carson Martinez Jun 15 2016 News

Emmanuel Letouzé, Director and co-Founder of Data-Pop Alliance, has been invited to speak about Data Literacy at The Innovation Enterprise’s Big Data Innovation Summit, which will take place on September 8-9 in Boston. The talk will highlight the importance of Data Literacy in leveraging and shaping the future of Big Data.   See the full agenda here:

UN Side Event on Disability and Digital Societies

Carson Martinez Jun 07 2016 News

This is an update for our series of blog posts on our ongoing work exploring the applications and implications of Big Data and disability. As part of our investigation of how new data sources can contribute to various research areas related to disability, Data-Pop Alliance is pleased to announce their involvement in the UN Working Group on Disability and Digital Societies.