Data-Pop Alliance’s Director Emmanuel Letouzé Talks with Terms of Reference Podcast about Data For Development

DPA Team Jun 01 2016 News

Director and Co-Founder of Data-Pop Alliance, Emmanuel Letouzé, was the guest on the 109th episode of Aidpreneur’s Terms of Reference podcast on May 30th. Founded by Stephen Ladek, Aidpreneur is an online community of development and humanitarian aid professionals focused on how they can do their jobs, run organizations, and use donor funding better to make the delivery of development and aid assistance better for those who need it most. Terms of Reference is a weekly podcast that highlights important topics in the profession and practice of delivering development and humanitarian aid assistance.

The podcast focused on Letouzé’s past and present work with Data-Pop Alliance at the intersection of Big Data and development. Ladek and Letouzé spoke about the applications of using Big Data to inform development sector work, but also hinted at the privacy risks and challenges associated with its use. In addition, Letouzé highlighted the importance of cultivating data literacy not only within development organizations and governments, but also within communities, so that the ethical implications of Big Data use for humanitarian aid and development may be recognized and mitigated. Listen to the full podcast here:

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