Big Data and Privacy: Understanding the Possibilities and Pitfalls of the Data Revolution in Germany

As the first event paper in the digitising Europe’s series, this event paper captures the major key themes emerging from our events in Berlin in November 2015. The Berlin workshop and public forum focused on the possibilities and pitfalls
of using Big Data analytics for economic growth and public good. Bringing together German academic institutions, think tanks, businesses and other thought-leaders, … Read More

“Group Privacy in the Age of Big Data”

This is a chapter, authored by Lanah Kammourieh, Thomas Baar, Jos Berens, Emmanuel Letouzé, Julia Manske, John Palmer, and Patrick Vinck, which will be part of a book edited by Linnet Taylor and Luciano Floridi. A recent presentation on the material can be found here: APC Group Privacy 2015. Below is the abstract of the chapter. Big Data has blurred the boundaries between individual and group data. … Read More

Entering the Age of Data: A Focus on Data Inclusion

“Entering the Age of Data: A Focus on Data Inclusion” is the second video in our new series on Big Data and development. Literacy is a deeply political question. As explored by our experts, becoming literate means being able to question the power structures and dynamics of the context in which you are literate – “Being able to relate to data … Read More

What is Data Literacy?

“What is Data Literacy?” is the first video in our new series on Big Data and development. In under two minutes, Cartoonist Manu takes us through a short history of what literacy is and was from the early 1800s through today. We explore the evolving definitions of data literacy – from drawing a cross to reading a newspaper to interacting … Read More

“Beyond Data Literacy: Reinventing Community Engagement and Empowerment in the Age of Data”

This White Paper was written by Rahul Bhargava, Erica Deahl, Emmanuel Letouzé, Amanda Noonan, David Sangokoya, and Natalie Shoup, in collaboration with Internews Center for Innovation and Learning and the MIT Media Lab Center for Civic Media. It was launched September 29, 2015 in New York City for the Beyond Data Literacy Workshop. The term ‘data literacy’ has gradually emerged as … Read More

digitising europe initiative 2015

#digitisingEU Data-Pop Alliance and the Vodafone Institute for Society and Communications are partnering to organize a European-wide series of stakeholders’ dialogues on the ethics of Big Data over the next 6 months in major European cities. Our Academic Director, Alex ‘Sandy’ Pentland, and his debater, Andrew Keen, are kicking off the event November 12th in Berlin. Subsequent dialogues will be held in: … Read More

Beyond Data Literacy Workshop

Data-Pop Alliance hosted a Workshop at the 70th Session of the United Nations General Assembly in September 2015 . The Workshop, which included a White Paper Launch, was organized and funded by Data-Pop Alliance and Internews’ Center for Innovation & Learning, in partnership with PARIS21, the World Economic Forum (WEF), and the Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN). The Workshop aimed to … Read More

Cartagena Data Festival

Data-Pop Alliance organized this event in April 2015 along with other partner organizations such as ODI, PARIS21, UNFPA, Africa Gathering, and many others.  The Cartagena Data Festival was a three-day event in April 2015 that brought together more than 300 researchers, experts, policy advocates, and data visualization designers, to convene on ideas, innovations, and partnerships that drive a data revolution. The event … Read More

Big Data and Human Rights AAAS SRHRL Conference

The AAAS (American Association for the Advancement of Sciences) Science and Human Rights Coalition organized a 2-day conference on ‘Big Data and Human Rights’ on January 15 and 16 in Washington DC, where Data-Pop Alliance’s co-founders Emmanuel Letouzé and Patrick Vinck participated in panel discussion.  The AAAS Science and Human Rights Coalition, created in January 2009, brings together scientists, engineers, and … Read More

“The Law, Politics and Ethics of Cell Phone Data Analytics”

This paper is a Data-Pop Alliance White Paper. It was written by Emmanuel Letouzé and Patrick Vinck, in collaboration with the World Bank Group and the D4D team. “The Law, Politics and Ethics of Cell Phone Data Analytics” examines Call Detail Records (CDRs), a record that includes among other data, the starting time of the call (or message), its duration, … Read More