“Oportunidades y requerimientos para aprovechar el uso de Big Data para las estadísticas oficiales y los Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible en América Latina”

The English version of this paper is available here. Este documento se realizó en el marco de un proyecto apoyado por el Banco Mundial e implementado por Data-Pop Alliance en asociación con el Departamento Administrativo Nacional de Estadística de Colombia—DANE. Data-Pop Alliance es una coalición sobre Big Data y el desarrollo creada conjuntamente por la Iniciativa Humanitaria de Harvard, el … Read More

“Opportunities and Requirements for Leveraging Big Data for Official Statistics and the Sustainable Development Goals in Latin America”

The Spanish version of this paper is available here. This White Paper was written by Julia Manske (Co-lead author), David Sangokoya (Co-lead author), Gabriel Pestre and Emmanuel Letouzé, with contributions from Lauren Barrett, Natalie Shoup, and Andrés Clavijo. It was produced as part of a World Bank-supported project implemented by Data-Pop Alliance in partnership with Colombia’s Departamento Administrativo Nacional de … Read More

“Quantifying the Data Deluge and the Data Drought”

This Technical Note was written by Martin Hilbert. Funding for this paper was generously provided by the World Bank. Data-Pop Alliance is currently developing this note as one of the three inputs for the World Bank’s 2016 World Development Report: “Digital Dividends” (forthcoming).  This paper investigates how the world’s Big Data capacity can be understood in terms of the world’s … Read More

Strengthening Capacity in Developing Countries: It’s time to get it right!

PARIS21, with the support of Data-Pop Alliance and other organizations, hosted this event in September 2015. Despite some progress over the last 15 years and increasing attention and recognition, the question on how to best build national capacity in terms of data production, dissemination, and use remains largely unanswered in many countries. As Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) put an unprecedented demand … Read More

“Big Data and Mobility: Migration and Transportation”

This Primer was written by Emmanuel Letouzé in partnership with and funded by the World Bank Leadership, Learning and Innovation Group. This primer (forthcoming) discusses the linkages between Big Data and mobility—specifically migration and transportation. Its main objective is to give its readers—World Bank staff, policymakers, researchers, development project managers and other professionals—an overview of the main features and parameters of … Read More

“Could Cell-Phone Data Analytics Help Poverty and Population Analysis?”

This Empirical Paper was written by Emmanuel Letouzé, Espen Beer Prydz, Emma Samman, and Emilio Zagheni. Funding for this paper was generously provided by the Agence Française de Développement (AFD). Socio-economic and demographic data even on such basic indicators as poverty levels and population size are notoriously lacking in poor countries. Increasingly, the intersection of Big Data and Official Statistics has received … Read More

“Correcting for Sample Bias with Application to the Case of Senegal”

This Methodological Note was written by Emmanuel Letouzé, Gabriel Pestre, and Emilio Zagheni. Funding for this paper was generously provided by the World Bank Group. Data-Pop Alliance is currently developing this note as one of the three inputs for the World Bank’s 2016 World Development Report: “Digital Dividends” (forthcoming). This paper works on modelling and correcting sample bias in Call Detail Records … Read More

Cartagena Data Festival

Data-Pop Alliance organized this event in April 2015 along with other partner organizations such as ODI, PARIS21, UNFPA, Africa Gathering, and many others.  The Cartagena Data Festival was a three-day event in April 2015 that brought together more than 300 researchers, experts, policy advocates, and data visualization designers, to convene on ideas, innovations, and partnerships that drive a data revolution. The event … Read More

“Official Statistics, Big Data, and Human Development”

This White Paper was written by Johannes Jütting and Emmanuel Letouzé, in collaboration with PARIS21.  The White Paper aims to contribute to the ongoing and future debate about the relationships between Big Data, official statistics and development—primarily by revisiting and reframing the terms and parameters of this debate. Most current discussions on Big Data mainly focus on if and how … Read More

Reflections on Big Data & the Sustainable Development Goals: Measuring & Achieving Development Progress in the Big Data Era

This Working Note was written by Emmanuel Letouzé and served as an input to the Big Data and SDGs Chapter of the 2015 Global Sustainable Development Report. Whether and how Big Data could loosely “contribute to the SDGs”—in other words, and in broad terms, the collision and intersection of these two hot topics in the public development discourse—has received significant … Read More

UNFPA Big Data Bootcamp

Data-Pop Alliance provided technical support to UNFPA’s Big Data Bootcamp that took place at Betahaus Barcelona in February 2015.  The Bootcamp was structured around a series of presentations, group work, collective brainstorming sessions, and networking events, using a ‘design thinking’ approach to help UNFPA craft its Big Data engagement strategy for the next few years. It was led by Data-Pop Alliance’s Advisory Board member Bruce Campbell, Head of … Read More