“Could Cell-Phone Data Analytics Help Poverty and Population Analysis?”

This Empirical Paper was written by Emmanuel Letouzé, Espen Beer Prydz, Emma Samman, and Emilio Zagheni. Funding for this paper was generously provided by the Agence Française de Développement (AFD). Socio-economic and demographic data even on such basic indicators as poverty levels and population size are notoriously lacking in poor countries. Increasingly, the intersection of Big Data and Official Statistics has received … Read More

“Moves on the Street: Classifying Crime Hotspots Using Aggregated Anonymized Data on People Dynamics”

This Empirical Paper was written by Andrey Bogomolov, Bruno Lepri, Jacopo Staiano, Emmanuel Letouzé, Nuria Oliver, Alex ‘Sandy’ Pentland, and Fabio Pianesi, in collaboration with the World Bank Group, BKF, and Telefónica.  Using a multimodal, data-driven, and place-centric approach, researchers were able to predict high- and low-concentrated crime hotspots throughout London. The findings, published in September 2015, make predictions using … Read More