Mining Case Law to Improve Countries’ Accountability To Universal Periodic Review

1 CKM ADVISORS; 2 ICAAD; 3 DATA POP ALLIANCE; 4 GLOBAL INSIGHT. Please send any comments to The United Nations (UN) Universal Periodic Review (UPR) is a process established by the Human Rights Council aiming to monitor and improve the human rights situation in each UN member state. In this study, we hypothesize that leveraging text mining and machine-learning … Read More

Working Paper: Spurring Big Data-Driven Innovation and Promoting Responsible Data Governance in a Privacy-Centred Europe

Through a series of regional stakeholder dialogues and debates in Berlin, Brussels and Madrid, the digitising europe initiative – organised by Data-Pop Alliance and the Vodafone Institute for Society and Communications – aims to provide insights for European companies and public sector institutions on initiating big data-driven projects and promoting responsible use and governance of big data for public good. The … Read More

Reflections on Big Data & the Sustainable Development Goals: Measuring & Achieving Development Progress in the Big Data Era

This Working Note was written by Emmanuel Letouzé and served as an input to the Big Data and SDGs Chapter of the 2015 Global Sustainable Development Report. Whether and how Big Data could loosely “contribute to the SDGs”—in other words, and in broad terms, the collision and intersection of these two hot topics in the public development discourse—has received significant … Read More