LWL #6


Politics and Governance

  • N.S.A. Gets Less Web Data Than Believed, Report Suggests-Charlie Savage, The New York Times (@charlie_savage)
    The N.S.A.'s inspector general has released a report that indicates the government is collecting less data from American's Internet communications than previously presumed. The report was commissioned in response to the Snowden leaks in 2010, yet it is still unclear whether filtering the raw Internet data is done by the government or telecommunication companies.
  • FTC Report Provides Recommendations to Business on Growing Use of Big Data -Federal Trade Commission (@FTC)
    The FTC has outlined a new considerations for businesses to avoid exclusion and discrimination as a result of their use of Big Data analytics. The document highlights how Big Data is used at the end of its lifecycle, after it is collected and analyzed. It notes the potential benefits and risks that could result from utilizing Big Data as a tool.
  • Apple's Stance Highlights a More Confrontational Tech Industry -Farhad Manjoo, The New York Times (@fmanjoo)
    Apple has publicly refused the US government's request to unlock an iPhone used by one of the deceased murderers in the December 2015 San Bernardino attacks. The opposition will lead to a legal battle, the results of which could pose many implications for the privacy world.

Climate Change and Resilience

  • Louisiana Tribe is Now Officially a Community of Climate Refugees -Chris D’Angelo, Huffington Post (@c_m_dangelo)
    The Isle de Jean Charles, 80 miles southwest of New Orleans, which used to be home to a Native American community, is almost completely vanished due to rising sea levels, coastal erosion and flooding (98% of the land is gone). The community is the first official community of climate refugees in the US, and a federal grant from the US HUD will resettle the community to higher ground.

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