Our Latest Quarterly Update (Q1-2023) is Out!

Our Latest Quarterly Update (Q1:2023) is Out!

Read our most recent Quarterly Update (Q1:2023) to learn more about the work we have done during the past few months at Data-Pop Alliance. In it, we feature many recent news and projects, including:

  • Updates on our latest exciting partnerships and products.
  • Our most recent publication with UNICEF and UNFPA: Review of Technology-based Interventions to Address Child Marriage and Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) (13 Country Case Studies).
  • A look at the wide variety of events and workshops that DPA’s expert team has recently organized or been invited to participate in.

In this QU we also welcome our new team members from around the world and share links to our latest publications, including reports, discussion pieces, and more.

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Project Report

Stratégie Nationale des Données du Sénégal – Résumé

En 2023, DPA a fourni un soutien technique à l’élaboration de la

Project Report

Community-Based Social Protection Mechanisms in Africa’s Borderlands – Liberia and Sierra Leone Case Study

The report on “Community-based social protection mechanisms in Africa’s borderlands – Liberia

Book Chapter

Book Chapter “AI for SDGs—and Beyond? Towards a Human AI Culture for Development and Democracy”

Artificial intelligence (AI) can contribute to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals