SuperDataScience Podcast: Changing the World With Data

Super Data Science Podcast: Changing the World With Data

Director and Co-Founder of Data-Pop Alliance, Emmanuel Letouzé, was the guest on the 413th episode of the Super Data Science Podcast, titled “Changing the World With Data”. The podcast is hosted by Kirill Eremeko, a Data Science coach and lifestyle entrepreneur who has the goal of bringing the most inspiring Data Scientists and Analysts from around the world to help others build a successful career in the field. In this episode, he discussed alongside Emmanuel how to change the world with data, how can we utilize better data, the 17 SDGs, Big Data, climate change, COVID-19, and a lot more. 

The podcast discusses:
  • Parenting and its effects on Emmanuel’s life and work [3:14]
  • Why did Data-Pop Alliance come to life? [8:42]
  • Working with Harvard and MIT [13:04]
  • Examples of projects and areas of focus [18:16]
  • Data as lenses and data as lever [29:43]
  • Sustainable Development Goals indicators [38:21]
  • How can we use data as lever? [43:41]
  • How can data help with disaster resilience? [57:09]
  • The future of data science [1:04:09] 
Listen to the audio or watch the video version below.

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