The High Cost of Internet Shutdowns

Fabiola Schwarz Mar 22 2022 Blog

DISCUSSION PIECE ShutterStock At the beginning of 2022, the Kazakh government removed the price cap on fuel, leading to protest movements in the Central Asian republic. The population has long been dissatisfied with the regime, but the increase in natural gas prices, which the Kazakhs rely heavily upon, was the straw that broke the camel’s back. On the one side … Read More

LWL #31 Online Harassment and AI Content Moderation: Countering Threats to Freedom of Expression

Anthony Deen, Ivette Yáñez Soria, Luma Mariath, Mariana Rozo Paz, Sara Ortiz Sep 29 2021 Blog

LINKS WE LIKE #31 The emergence and popularity of new social networks has opened space for a multitude of virtual interactions between people from diverse backgrounds. Consequently, the internet allows anyone to become a “communicator”, with access to a wide audience to share their views. With the virtual environment becoming one of the most important centers of public debate, innovative … Read More