Uncovering the Invisible: Maternal Mental Health and Obstetric Violence Against Indigenous Women in Brazil

Bárbara Battistotti Vieira Jul 08 2024 Blog

DISCUSSION PIECE Although I was born and raised in Mato Grosso do Sul, the Brazilian state which is home to the country’s second largest Indigenous reserve, it was only upon moving to the city of Dourados to pursue a degree in Psychology, that I fully comprehended the magnitude of the Dourados Indigenous Reserve (Reserva Indígena de Dourados, RID). Dourados Indigenous … Read More

8M: Reporte y registro de violencia doméstica en Bogotá, Ciudad de México y São Paulo

Agustina Pérez Mirianco, Ariana Carballido, Berenice Fernandez Nieto, Ivette Yáñez Soria, Sara Ortiz Mar 08 2021 Blog

DISCUSSION PIECE Sobre el Día Internacional de la Mujer (8M) Alrededor del mundo el Día Internacional de la Mujer se conmemora cada 8 de Marzo (también referido como 8M) con el objetivo de crear conciencia y alentar la reflexión crítica en torno a las diversas desigualdades entre hombres y mujeres que persisten a nivel global, así como para impulsar y … Read More

Violence Against Women in Latin America: The Multiple Facets of a Pervasive Issue

Anna Spinardi, Ivette Yáñez Soria, Nora Löhr, Sara Ortiz, Zinnya del Villar Dec 05 2020 Blog

DISCUSSION PIECE Photo: Analise Benevides. Edition: Paola Caile. November 25 marks the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women, a date that serves as a global reminder of what it is now refered to as the “shadow pandemic” (UN Women, 2020). But how to tackle a problem which is widely veiled, avoided by the spotlights, and even normalized … Read More

LWL #22 Gender, Violence and Data

Sara Ortiz Nov 25 2020 Blog

LINKS WE LIKE #22 In Latin America and the Caribbean, women have been commemorating the Elimination of Violence against Women Day ever since 1981, after the assassination of the three Dominican sisters Patricia, Minerva, Maria Teresa Mirabal. Yet, it only became officially recognized and adopted by all UN countries in 1999. Today, on the 21st anniversary of its commemoration –which … Read More

Using Data to Shed Light on the Shadow Pandemic of Domestic Violence in Mexico

Ivette Yáñez Soria, Marie-Helen Cymorek, Valentin Kruspel, Zinnya del Villar Oct 27 2020 Blog

DISCUSSION PIECE Violence against women and girls (VaWG) is a worldwide phenomenon that occurs in various forms and spaces, unfortunately including where one should feel safest: at home with one’s partner or family. In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, as gender inequality and domestic violence have worsened, it is becoming increasingly clear how much we are still in the … Read More

Domestic Violence in Mexico in Times of COVID-19

Berenice Fernandez Nieto Apr 23 2020 Blog

Lee la versión en español Just three weeks after the social distance measure was announced in Mexico, domestic violence related calls to the 911 emergency number increased by 60% and the federal authorities estimated that violence against women had gone up between 30% to 100% (Ortiz-b, 2020), an alarming prospect. The way in which government institutions and organizations act and … Read More