The Data Frontier Podcast Series: Understand the Power of Data

DPA Team Jul 19 2021 News

The new Data Frontier podcast series: Understanding the power of data

During the last decade the importance of digital data has risen immensely due to its many applications and potential to be a tool for addressing the world’s most pressing issues ethically and efficiently. To understand this scenario and the different topics related to the newest uses of data in development and diplomacy, the Frontier Technologies Hub and Niras Digital Futures Hub recently launched the The Data Frontier podcast, funded by UKAid.

This seven-part podcast series invites people who are immersed in the new data frontier to talk about their diverse experiences in using digital data. Our director and co-founder, Emmanuel Letouzé was invited to participate in an episode, where the hosts and him discuss the new data paradigm and how it can be used to build more inclusive and strong societies. He further explains how new opportunities brought up by data can fit within wider global trends by helping us to examine social, economic and political challenges under a new lens, and solve them. The episode emphasizes the importance of moving forward in a socially inclusive way that brings together different disciplines, sectors and social groups.

We invite you to listen to each of the episodes that make part of this incredible new podcast series. 

Full 7 episodes

Learn more about the podcast in this Medium blogpost.