The Patrick J. McGovern Grant

Nov 13 2023

The Patrick J McGovern Foundation granted DPA, which for the Technology and Democracy Program will support our “Infocracy studies”, aiming to tackle the implications of Generative Artificial Intelligence (GAI) for the democratic process. In particular, it will allow us to conduct studies in major Latin-American countries holding elections in 2024, i.e. Mexico and Brazil. Additionally, it will help us engage … Read More

Assessing Representation and Diversity in Movies and Books at Scale (Upcoming in Eureka Platform)

Aug 23 2022

An intrinsic aspect of Eureka’s motivation is to promote and give visibility to local, national and regional content, in particular that of women, people of color and Indigenous people. This effort has a double objective: a) to promote representation and give visibility to voices that are unfortunately still marginalized, and b) to challenge dominant narratives based on content closer to … Read More

Eureka: A Social Media Platform for Social Change

Jul 28 2022

Eureka is the first book-film club for social change. We are a non-for-profit and non-data extractive social media platform designed for users to find books and films on a particular topic, discuss it with a community and ultimately, inspire engagement and action towards social change. Our goal is to use culture content as an excuse to promote deep dialogue. Our … Read More

Data Collection and Analysis for the “World Trends in Freedom of Expression and Media Development Global Report 2021-2022”

Jul 28 2022

DPA worked alongside UNESCO to develop an analytical methodology and data partnerships to monitor and understand the status of press freedom and media development worldwide. DPA collected and analyzed over 150 data sources to produce comprehensive, data-driven evidence on global and regional trends in media freedom, media pluralism, media independence, and safety of journalists, all examined through a gender-sensitive perspective. … Read More

Using Misinformation as a Political Weapon: COVID-19 and Bolsonaro in Brazil

Jul 28 2022

With over 30,000 confirmed cases, Brazil is currently the country most affected by COVID-19 in Latin America, and ranked 12th worldwide. Despite all evidence, a strong rhetoric undermining risks associated to COVID-19 has been endorsed at the highest levels of the Brazilian government, making President Jair Bolsonaro the leader of the “coronavirus-denial movement”. To support this strategy, different forms of … Read More

Networks’ Capitalism: Addiction, Disinformation and Violence (Thematic Cycle)

Jul 28 2022

This Thematic Cycle, a joint effort between Eureka and DPA, focused on addiction, disinformation, and violence stemming from social media in the context of Latin America. The Cycle featured two documentaries, a fiction movie, and a book related to the topic that addressed questions such as, Does monetization imply addition? How is social media used to spread hatred and violence? … Read More