DPA’s Yasmine Hamdar Spoke at UNDP Anti-Corruption Conference

Yasmine Hamdar Spoke at the UNDP Anti-Corruption Conference in Amman, Jordan

DPA Computational Social Scientist Yasmine Hamdar spoke at the regional workshop on “Using Technology to Prevent and Combat Corruption”, organized by UNDP. The in-person conference took place in Amman, Jordan on the 15th and 16th of June and was attended by 60 representatives from 8 Arab countries. The conference addressed the role of technology, including emerging technologies, in detecting and preventing corruption on the local, national, and cross-border levels.

Representing Data-Pop Alliance, Yasmine’s talk was titled, “Artificial Intelligence and Big Data for Anti-Corruption”. With corruption being a major concern in the Arab States, her talk outlined a framework for utilizing these technologies (and others such as Natural Language Processing) to modernize the fight against corruption and work towards SDG 16, which calls for peace, justice, and strong institutions. 

yasmine hamdar speaking at the event

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