An Interview with DPA Data Scientist Enrique Bonilla

DPA Team Dec 01 2021 Uncategorized

DPA’s Director Delivers the Keynote Address at Milwaukee Data Day 2021 DPA Director Emmanuel Letouzé delivered the keynote address at the virtual event Milwaukee Data Day on October 20, hosted by Data You Can Use, titled “Data as a Language, Lens and Lever for Social Change”. His address, building on the work of his 2015 white paper “Beyond Data Literacy: Reinventing … Read More

Elementor #6475

Sep 30 2021 Uncategorized

LINKS WE LIKE #31 Online Harassment and AI Content Moderation: Countering Threats to Freedom of Expression The emergence and popularity of new social networks has opened space for a multitude of virtual interactions between people from diverse backgrounds. Consequently, the internet allows anyone to become a “communicator”, with access to a wide audience to share their views. With the virtual … Read More