Eureka: A Social Media Platform for Social Change

Jul 28 2022

Eureka is the first book-film club for social change. We are a non-for-profit and non-data extractive social media platform designed for users to find books and films on a particular topic, discuss it with a community and ultimately, inspire engagement and action towards social change. Our goal is to use culture content as an excuse to promote deep dialogue. Our … Read More

Policy Paper “Sharing is Caring: Four Key Requirements for Sustainable Private Data Sharing and Use for Public Good”

Jul 28 2022

How data are shared and used will determine, to a large extent, the future of democracy and human progress. In this context, the authors of the paper “Sharing is Caring” describe four key requirements that must inform European efforts to ensure that private data are shared and used for the public good in a safe, ethical, and sustainable manner. This … Read More

Position Paper “How to Use Big Data? Leading Experts’ Roadmap to Data-Driven Innovation Projects. Key Results from the Digitasing Europe Initiative”

Jul 28 2022

This paper, developed in cooperation with the Vodafone Institute for Society and Communications, highlights overall takeaways and recommendations in the areas of privacy protection, responsible data governance, transparency and accountability for unleashing big data-driven innovation, including: (1) putting ‘privacy by design’ into action: privacy-preserving technical procedures and standards for data sharing and use; (2) focusing on responsibility in data use: … Read More

Event Paper: “Big Data and Privacy: Understanding the Possibilities and Pitfalls of the Data Revolution in Germany”

Jul 28 2022

How can we make full use of data analytics in a responsible and human-centered manner? Which forms of data use should be excluded, and who should set the rules? As the first event paper in the “Digitising Europe” series (published with the Vodafone Institute for Society and Communications), this publication captures the major key themes emerging from the initiative’s events … Read More

White Paper “The Law, Politics and Ethics of Cell Phone Data Analytics”

Jul 28 2022

This white paper, developed in partnership and with funding from The World Bank, examines Call Detail Records (CDRs) and their expanding role in providing insight into human behavior, movements, and social interaction. After providing additional contextual elements (Part 1), the paper summarizes current legal frameworks (Part 2), before exploring structural socio-political parameters and incentives structuring the sharing of CDRs (Part … Read More

Data Collection and Analysis for the “World Trends in Freedom of Expression and Media Development Global Report 2021-2022”

Jul 28 2022

DPA worked alongside UNESCO to develop an analytical methodology and data partnerships to monitor and understand the status of press freedom and media development worldwide. DPA collected and analyzed over 150 data sources to produce comprehensive, data-driven evidence on global and regional trends in media freedom, media pluralism, media independence, and safety of journalists, all examined through a gender-sensitive perspective. … Read More

Racial Inequality Dashboard

Jul 27 2022

The African Futures Action Lab (out of MIT) and DPA are co-developing a “Racial Inequality Dashboard” that will provide a transcontinental view of racial inequality and injustice through the collection of both qualitative and quantitative data from a wide variety of traditional and non-traditional sources (including existing datasets, reports from civil society organizations, legal documents, and social media) to present … Read More

Production of UNDP’s Resilient Livelihoods and Economic Recovery (LER) Approaches and Solutions in Fragile, Crisis and Post-Crisis Settings

Jul 26 2022

This project, funded by UNDP, will support the Recovery Solutions and Human Mobility team in its conceptualisation of a new approach, articulating the Livelihoods and Economic Recovery offer, and reviewing, updating and documenting policies, programmes and tools on livelihoods and economic recovery that meet the current and future needs and expectations of UNDP Country Offices and partners in fragile contexts, … Read More

Policy Paper “Using Data to Fight COVID-19 – And Build Back Better”

Jul 26 2022

Building on the first publication “Sharing is Caring: Four Key Requirements for Sustainable Private Data Sharing and Use for Public Good”, this paper (also developed in partnership with the Vodafone Institute for Society and Communications) looks at how digital technologies and data have been applied to fight the Coronavirus. It summarizes the main debates and questions around these initiatives and … Read More

Harnessing Innovative Data and Technology to Measure Development Effectiveness

Jul 26 2022

In partnership with Southern Voice, this research project aimed to develop a methodological framework for assessing development effectiveness and rebuild this discourse from the ground up, informed by Southern perspectives. The key objective of the study was to develop a methodological guide that makes use of new sources of data and techniques in assessing development effectiveness. The study provided an … Read More

Mobile Data for Development (MD4D) Interactive Handbook

Jul 25 2022

This interactive handbook, developed in collaboration with the Digital Impact Alliance (DIAL) serves as a hands-on resource to help mid-to-senior level staff of Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), National Statistical Offices (NSOs) and other interested parties understand and develop MD4D projects. DPA’s contribution to the handbook involved structuring key content and presenting use cases, lessons and experiences developed in different contexts … Read More

Project Cycle Hacking Toolkit: Leveraging Non-Traditional Data Sources Along the GIZ Project Cycle

Jul 25 2022

In partnership with the GIZ Data Lab, this project sought to create a Toolkit to guide GIZ in the use of nontraditional data sources throughout the project lifecycle. The tool was designed and developed from a thorough analysis of GIZ processes, aiming to understand how and where non-traditional sources of data can be leveraged in the formulation, design, implementation and … Read More

Digital Maturity Assessment: Methodology Development and Implementation

Jul 22 2022

DPA developed a Digital Maturity Assessment (DMA) framework to provide Norwegian Refugee Council (NRC) Country Offices with a tool to self-assess their digital transformation journey based on the perceptions and experiences of its staff. The DMA framework is the analytical background guiding the calculation of a Digital Maturity Score that measures the level of digital transformation in the COs based … Read More

World Bank Crisis Risk Finance Analytics (CRFA) Strategic Review, Dissemination, and Technical Design on Big Data and Technology for Financial Resilience

Jul 22 2022

In collaboration with the Global Risk Financing Facility, the Crisis and Disaster Risk Finance (CDRF) team at the World Bank, and the European Space Agency (ESA), DPA reviewed the work of the CRFA program, specifically from an outreach and data management perspective, to ensure dissemination and uptake of their technical work, highlighting the most promising applications and anticipating opportunities and … Read More

Evaluation of the WFP´s Disaster Risk Reduction and Management and Climate Change Policies

Jul 22 2022

DPA, in collaboration with ADE, aims to examine the WFP´s Disaster Risk Reduction and Management (DRR\M) and Climate Change (CC) policies under one evaluative framework, as well as in synergy with the current evaluation of WFP Policy on Building Resilience for Food Security (2015). This evaluation follows WFP OEV’s methodological approach for policy evaluations, with the objective to provide a … Read More

Gender Data 201 Course

Jul 21 2022

Gender Data 201 is a free, self-paced, online course developed by DPA with support from Meta and in collaboration with TechChange (the hosting platform). The objective of the course is to offer a hands-on online learning experience that equips participants with the data skills needed to lead gender-responsive advocacy work, decision-making processes, and/or policy design and implementation. With more than … Read More

Consulting Services on International AI-policy and Data Governance Policies, Data Protection, and Privacy for GIZ Fair Forward

Jul 20 2022

FAIR Forward Artificial Intelligence is a GIZ initiative aimed at promoting and achieving a more inclusive and sustainable approach to AI at the international level. This is done through three pillars of work: 1) strengthening local AI technical know-how 2) removing entry barriers to AI by improving access to AI technologies and data; and 3) developing policy frameworks including ethical … Read More