Featuring our Work on Domestic Violence in Mexico at the Paris Peace Forum

The GIZ Data Lab and GIZ Mexico partnered our team at Data-Pop Alliance, the government and civil society to use various sources of traditional and non-traditional data in order to identify high-risk areas of domestic violence against women and girls in Mexico. The resulting map visualization can potentially become a tool for decision-makers and relevant organizations to target interventions and analyze the root causes of this phenomenon.

The project was selected from over 800 submissions to be presented along with 100 other projects at this year’s Paris Peace Forum, held from November 11 to 13, 2020. The event is considered a platform for exchange between heads of state, international organizations, civil society, and the private sector to discuss innovative ideas and approaches and to facilitate joint activities in all areas of global governance. In the context of the pandemic, such an exchange is more important than ever. Under the motto “bouncing back to a better planet together,” we would like to invite you to join us at this forum to discuss the potential of our risk model, as well as further possibilities to make the lived reality of women and girls more visible and to make sure nobody is left behind when working on a better and more just future.

Don’t miss the following events:

  • November 11, 3pm pm CET / 9 am EST: Workshop “Towards a Coalition to Boost Gender Equality With Data”
  • November 11, 4:15 pm CET / 10:15 am EST: Pitch presentation of the project “Risk Model to Identify Hotspots of Domestic Violence in Mexico” (closed event)
  • Full Program

Learn more about the project’s innovative approach in our Discussion piece: “Using Data to Shed Light on the Shadow Pandemic of Domestic Violence in Mexico


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