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HDI Score
2019 (Max. 1)


SDG Score
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Gender Inequality
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Internet Inclusivity
Index 2022
(100 countries)

Sources: 1. World Bank (2021), 2. UNDP (2019), 3. Sustainable Development Report (2021), 4. UNDP (2019), 5. Economist Impact (2022).


Located in northwestern South America, Ecuador has a varied geography that includes coastal lowlands, the towering Andes Mountains and even a portion of the Amazon Rainforest. The country has had a tumultuous political history, which has included authoritarian governments and swings in economic fortunes (related to petroleum) which have contributed to instability. The near total collapse of the economy at the turn of the century was an additional shock, and while Ecuador has made significant progress since then, it still continues to struggle with high levels of corruption, rampant un- and under-employment, and violence from drug related criminal activity.


Project Cycle Hacking Toolkit: Leveraging Non-Traditional Data Sources Along the GIZ Project Cycle

  • Ecuador,
  • January - October 2020
  • P1 - Just Digital Transformations

In partnership with the GIZ Data Lab, this project sought to create a Toolkit to guide GIZ in the use of nontraditional data sources throughout the project lifecycle. The tool was designed and developed from a thorough analysis of GIZ processes, aiming to understand how and where non-traditional sources of data can be leveraged in the formulation, design, implementation and evaluation of their projects. The Toolkit, which has an user-centered design, was tested and tried during two workshops to support GIZ Ecuador’s “Ciudades Intermedia Sostenibles” II.