New Book and Movie Club! “Technology Through Feminist Lenses”

Starting on January 15 up to April 2024, with support from the Patrick J McGovern Foundation, Data-Pop Alliance (DPA) and Eureka, are launching and running together a Book and Movie Club on “Technology Through Feminist Lenses” in three languages: English, Spanish and Portuguese. We will be watching, reading and discussing curated content that will allow us to immerse ourselves in the theme of this club and, hopefully, to come out more inspired and prepared to help build the futures we want to be part of. To learn more and join us in this exciting (and free of charge) journey, read ahead!

Why “Technology Through Feminist Lenses”?

It is not surprising to read that technology is changing every day, and with the full advent of artificial intelligence, this is perhaps more true than ever before. More importantly, many of us are asking questions such as: How will these technologies impact my life (or are already doing so), my community and the world? How can I use them for my own benefit and to create social good? What are the risks and opportunities that lie ahead? What is my role in making sure that these bring positive change rather than continue enhancing current inequalities?

With these questions in mind, in this Book and Movie Club we will explore and reflect on the deep intertwining of technology, gender, and the society at large. Furthermore, we will discuss how technology -and AI and generative AI in particular- shapes issues such as race, gender, and social inequality, by weaving together narratives of colonization, data privacy and other current debates that permeate feminist and social issues.

Who is this Book and Movie Club for?

  • For those who want to connect with people who share their interest in technology, feminism, and social justice.
  • For those who wish to expand their horizons, and are lovers of reading, movies, and learning.
  • For those seeking a safe and judgment-free environment. A space where ideas are valued and conversations are constructive.
  • For people passionate about social justice, who aim to become agents of positive change and contribute to a better future.
  • For those who want to read and watch more works by Global South authors, especially from Latin America.
  • For those who no longer want to participate in social media debates that often end in fights, disrespect, and aggression.
  • For those curious about the role of AI and technology in building innovative and possible futures.

How Does it Work?

First of all, our Book and Movie Club is completely FREE. By signing up, you will:

  1. Receive exclusive recommendations: Every month, from January to May 2024, participants will receive two curated recommendations (a book and a movie) that explore the intersection of technology with feminist and social issues. We have selected works that will challenge, inspire, and broaden horizons, prioritizing Latin American female authors.
  2. Read, watch and reflect: After receiving the recommendations, you will be encouraged to dive into the works, and to reflect individually on new perspectives and ideas.
  3. Participate in interesting discussions: Once you finish reading and watching the suggested content, you will be able to join a vibrant online community through the exclusive online meetings in which we will open up space for guided and engaging discussions, and the Eureka forum. Here, you will be able to share your impressions, ideas, and reflections through posts and images. This is the perfect place for deep and constructive discussions in a safe environment, free from judgments and criticism.

What will You be Reading and Watching?


Month 1: Gender 4.0: Inequalities in the Technological Era

Month 2: Algorithms of Inequality: Race and Class in Our Age

Month 3: Visions of Our Future

Who is Behind this Project?

This project will be hosted and co-run with Eureka: a free, non-profit digital book and movie club focused on social justice, which uses books and films to discuss the current issues that are shaping our world. Their social impact goal is to foster empathy, knowledge and meaningful dialogue, towards prompting ‘Eureka moments’: individual revelations that transform the collective. Ultimately, they seek to foster social and political transformation both online and offline. Eureka is built and operates from a strong base of feminist and collective principles. 

Within DPA, this project is led by the Technology and Democracy Program, and supported by the Data Feminism Program through Data Feminism Network. Our goal is to reach a wide and not-necessarily-specialized audience to, one one hand, create more awareness about the impacts of technology across intersectional groups, but also to make sense of these issues along with communities.

Our appreciation to the Patrick J McGovern Foundation for providing the funding to make this project possible.



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