Resident Population and Population Density in the Maldives

This final report describes the general scope of the project as well as the proposed approach to develop and evaluate socio-economic indicators exploring Big Data sources and methodologies available in the Maldives. In particular, the aim of this document is to present the findings of the work focused on estimating resident population and population density through Mobile Phone Data.
The report includes:
1. A description of the dataset used
2. An overview of the exploratory analysis and main results
3. An analysis of the population density through mobile data
4. An estimation of the population density using the Voronoi Diagram
5. Conclusions
6. An Annex with suggestions on how to improve the data



Gianni Barlacchi, Micol Stock, Bruno Lepri, Emmanuel Letouzé

Partner Organization(s)

UNFPA Maldives



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