‘Technology Through Feminist Lenses’ Book and Movie Club: Highlights from Month Three

Beginning on February 19, with the generous backing of the Patrick J. McGovern Foundation, DPA and Eureka embarked on the third and final month of our Book and Movie Club “Technology Through Feminist Lenses”. Conducting sessions in three languages—English, Portuguese, and Spanish—this month (April 1st – April 30) saw us engaging with curated content exploring visions of the future. Beyond its educational aspect, the Club serves as a platform for building community and nurturing cross-cultural connections among individuals passionate about technology, gender equity, and social justice.

Theme of the Month

In our third month, themed “Visions of Our Future,” we discussed how technology and the future of AI might re-shape our world. From envisioning the transformative power of technology to grappling with the ethical implications, our discussions navigated the terrain of tomorrow, and what may lie ahead in for humanity’s relationship to technology.

Books and Movie of the Month

Book month 3 - english
Book month 3 - spanish
Book month 3 - portuguese

We explored the same book in all three languages. We read “Little Eyes“, by Samanta Schweblin, which describes a (not so) fictional world in where human relationships are mediated by technological devices called “Kentukis”, which allow people to connect with strangers around the world through cameras and microphones embedded in stuffed animals. This connection creates a unique dynamic between an observer (the person behind the Kentuki) and an “observed” (the person that purchases the Kentuki and gives it access to their life)., bringing up discussions about loneliness, extortion, inequality, in addition to the limits of intimacy, privacy and morality in the digital age.

A special thank you goes out to Penguin Random House (Spanish) and Fósforo (Portuguese), our valued collaborators in enhancing the accessibility of this month’s book by providing discounts to participants of the Club. We sincerely appreciate your partnership and dedication.

Documentary of the month

The movie of the month was “The Artifice Girl“, directed by Franklin Ritch. This sci-fi thriller follows the story of Ava, an android created to serve as a tool to protect children from harmful individuals on the internet. However, as Ava begins to question her own existence and desires, she embarks on a quest for autonomy and self-discovery that challenges the very fabric of her programmed reality, blurring the lines between man and machine, exploring profound questions about identity, consciousness, and the ethical implications of AI technology.

Conversation Circles

Samanta Schweblin, author of "Little Eyes"

Another key component of the Club is our “Conversation Circles”: monthly gatherings where participants and special guests gather to discuss the book and/or movie of the month. This month, we hosted one Conversation Circle in English, with synchronous translation to Spanish and Portuguese. The month’s Conversation Circle featured the author of “Little Eyes”, Samanta Schweblin, as the speaker. Samanta is a prolific and renown Argentinian writer currently living in Germany. She has received many awards, including the prestigious National Book Award in the USA.

Future Events

The Book and Movie Club concluded on April 30th, but we’re excited to announce a new iteration featuring Catherine D’Ignazio, Director of the Data + Feminist Lab at MIT and author of the acclaimed book Data Feminism” (2020).

Beginning on May 13th, join us for insightful discussions with Catherine D’Ignazio herself as we explore her latest book, “Counting Feminicide: Data Feminism in Action” (2024). Together, we’ll explore the vital question of why grassroots feminist activists in the Americas are counting feminicide.

If this piques your interest, you can join us. Click the button below  and sign up!

Explore the highlights from the first month of the Book and Movie Club here, and those from the second month here.


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