Training Workshop for IGBE in Rio de Janeiro

3-Day training workshop on "Web data collection and analysis:
Web scraping and API's interaction"
at Rio de Janeiro

november 25-27th, 2019


Our upcoming training workshop on “Web data collection and analysis: Web scraping and API’s interaction” will take place on November 25-27th at the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE) offices in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

This 3-day training is tailored particularly towards the IBGE staff with the goal of helping build and strengthen internal capacities (knowledge and skills) at the Brazilian National Statistical Office to leverage Big data collection and analysis in their work.

About the Course

Through the session, participants will be exposed to a blend of learning formats, including traditional instructor-led teaching, and interactive and hands-on technical sessions. Most of the material has been built upon past technical tutorials whose objective was to produce Purchase Power Parities exchange rate based on a basket of goods that contained only real estate rental prices on 4 Latin American countries: Brazil, Mexico, Chile and Peru. This improved version of the content which was deployed in Bogota, Colombia on May 8, 2019 (see blog post here) will be expanded in breadth and depth, with dedicated open-source Python libraries.

Additionally, we will extend the tutorial with a module in which Facebook Marketing data is leveraged for estimating Venezuelan migration flows in Brazil. This section is inspired on the amazing work done by our colleagues from Qatar Computing Research Institute at HBKU, UNICEF, MIT Media Lab, iMMAP Colombia and the Global Protection Cluster from UNHCR, entitled “Real-Time Monitoring of the Venezuelan Exodus through Facebook’s Advertising Platform” (see publication here).


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