Watch the Global Festival of Ideas for Sustainable Development Sessions Online, March 1-3

Watch the Global Festival of Ideas for Sustainable Development Sessions Online, March 1-3

The Global Festival of Ideas, the first ‘playable’ policy conference on the SDGs, is starting tomorrow (March 1-3) in Bonn! A great crowd of leading thinkers, policy-makers, civil society and activists, together with gaming experts and policy simulators that will gather to discuss news ways of thinking about international development.

If you can’t come to the Festival in person you can still watch the Plenary sessions and the Live stage via live stream:

Plenary sessions:

Live stage:

The live stage agenda is available here. You can check out the agenda here for the schedule of the plenary sessions.

Data-Pop Alliance is excited to be leading Day 3 on Disruptors to Development with the World Food Programme. Featured Data Pop Alliance speakers on Day 3 include:

  • Chief Data Scientist Dr Nuria Oliver, Director of Research in Data Science at Vodafone;
  • Research Affiliate Dr Bruno Lepri, Head of Mobile and Social Computing Lab at FBK;
  • Co-founder and co-Director Professor Patrick Vinck, Assistant Professor at Harvard University, Director of Research at the Harvard Humanitarian Initiative;
  • Co-Director for Harvard Humanitarian Initiative Professor Phuong Pham, Assistant Professor at Harvard University;
  • Director and co-Founder Dr Emmanuel Letouzé, Visiting Scholar at MIT Media Lab;
  • Research Affiliate Bessie Schwarz, Co-founder, Cloud to Street;
  • Xavier Vollenweider, Researcher, Flowminder Foundation.

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