Working at DPA – Interns Testimonies

TEXT NOT FINAL At Data-Pop Alliance, we’re are committed to give opportunities to young people that can excel in the areas of data related research. That is why we have opened several vacancies for interns in Latinoamérica and the Middle East and North Africa region to be part of our intercultural team. Below you will read about the experiences of working with us over the past few months of: Mariem Omrani  and Daniela Arguei. 

Mariem Omrani - Tunisia

“The internship program at Data-Pop Alliance is an interesting, exciting, and challenging opportunity that places you at the heart of DPA’s expertise. This experience offers unparalleled opportunities for professional development and intellectual exploration. Far from solely being tasked with menial duties, I was immediately engaged and given the responsibility to work on a variety of topics. Standards and expectations are high, but support is always available. Being surrounded by talented, dedicated, and helpful colleagues, presents significant learning opportunities on both a professional and personal level.”

Daniela Arregui - Ecuador

“From a warm welcome, to being an active part of projects and being able to contribute with my own ideas – my experience at DPA has been extremely positive since day one. However, if I should pick one of my favourite aspects of the job is the sense of social purpose behind every activity at DPA.”


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